e diel, 26 tetor 2014

Hans Bin Háfjall riding low.

Hans Bin Háfjall is best known as the front singer in the famous vocal group . Preparing for his defence of the World Carting Championship, he let his fans in for a view at the man and his machine.

e premte, 24 shkurt 2012


Approaching maturity - the elder BoyBand members get involved in experimental world music.

e martë, 16 nëntor 2010

e mërkurë, 7 janar 2009

Erling on stage at Bryggeriet.

Bryggeriet - a Copenhagen hang-out place for the band - saw Erling Kodex perform "I´m a man", a traditionel blues reflecting on Kodexes tennis activities.

e diel, 9 mars 2008

Adam Holberg - the entertainer

Australian bandmember, Adam Holberg performing the updated version of an old Danish standard "Du gamle måne" (Old Moon).

e enjte, 6 dhjetor 2007

Haffjal at Carrrelejo

Funky brother Hans Bin Haffjal performs "You said a bad word". The score - once a hit for afro/american Joe Tex - Hans Haffjals soulfull version reached no.2 at the Thorshavnian ratings on december 2007.

e premte, 9 nëntor 2007

Brother Kovacs Lefkas Performance

Only existing documentation of Hungarian band-member Oskar Kovacs 1999performance.

e enjte, 26 prill 2007

Per Holmen - the greekisher video.

Veteran bandmember Per Holmen wrote this tune for the 1997 Medeterian Tour. Sung in an original Bornholmsk dialect the sung is about maturing at the age of 29.
Homosexual bandmember (1978-1997) Morten Anthonsen provided with a modern southswedish melody - but sadly he died during the shooting of the video.

e mërkurë, 25 prill 2007

Elvis meets Sons of Dean

Rare sequenses of a supposed to-be-dead Elvis Presley singing along with Budapestian bandmember Oskar Kovacs at Puerto Rico.
Mr. Presley suddenly appeared on stage at a Sons of Dean Show.
Mr. Presley seemed fit and in an excellent condition.

Bin Olsen - live at Zakynthos

"My way" - Poul Ankas score made famous by Frank Sinatra is here presented en an up-speeded version. Hans Bin Olsen alias Svenning Háffjal of Thorshavn, Fareo Island inhabitant, has rewritten the text. In Háffjals score we hear about the pleasure of killing whales as well as him commenting on the high prices on cucumber in Thorshavn.

e hënë, 8 janar 2007

Hans Bin Olsen performing his Kukukukuluuu-song at Puerto Rico 1997

Thorshavnian crooner Bin Olsen - supported by the Sons of Dean - attemps to get access to the facility of a Spanish senorita.

e premte, 29 prill 2005

Sons of Dean visit Sams Bar

Handsome Son of Dean, Claus Holmen on stage at Sams Bar, Copenhagen. Holmen,  a powerful stage-performer, sings his praise for His Holiness The Pope.

e hënë, 11 prill 2005

Elvis & Big Mama Hilda Hysteria

Hilda Hysteria, loving mother of several Sons of Dean crewmembers in her infamous dancing performance with boyfriend, Hank Hunky the Punky alias The Australian Elvis.